Texas Progress

100% TEKS/TEKS Streamlined and
STAAR Aligned

Texas Progress is a simple and effective way to supplement your instruction with high-quality, 100% TEKS/TEKS Streamlined and STAAR aligned practice items. Choose from a complete catalog of ELA, math, social studies, and science resources.


Texas Educator Round-up

Here’s what Texas educators reported about their use of Texas Progress.

Increased Student Engagement

99 %

Increased Academic Confidence

97 %

Improved Achievements & Standards Mastery

99 %

We offer a multitude of in-platform applications to support preparedness for subject area end-of-grade, end-of-course, graduation level, career readiness, and college entrance assessments.

  • Pre-Built or Build-Your-Own assessments available for diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments
  • TEKS/TEKS-Streamlined and STAAR aligned videos, games, projector questions, vocabulary worksheets/flashcards, interactive puzzles, bell-ringer questions, item of the day, and more
  • Students can move through the material at their own pace and benefit from differentiated instruction
  • Teachers, administrators, and students can review progress KPIs and see growth on each standard.
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Texas Progress is powered by USATestprep, LLC.

USATestprep is recognized as a nationwide leader in curriculum resources and preparation for standards mastery for K-12. Founded by two teachers in 1998, we are a trusted leader in the industry, as judged by teachers, administrators, and parents. More than two million students and 85,000 teachers nationwide benefit from the use of the Progress platform.

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