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I am always skeptical about online programs. However, with USATestprep, I was able to clearly see the results. I can personalize for each student or class. The variety of assignments and lessons is fantastic. I was able to use it in and out of the classroom.

- Educator

I love having a resource that helps with everyday classroom needs and also focuses on Testing issues. It is by [far] the best resource I have ever used.

- Texas teacher

The assessments really prepare the students for STAAR style of questions and forces them to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

- Texas teacher

My students love using USATP. It is so easy to use and navigate

- L. Colvin, Texas Virtual Academy at Hallsville

I love using USATestprep. The customer service is phenomenal and every time I have a question or need anything, they always respond in less than 24 hours. Often less than 2 hours actually! I chose USATestprep because it allows me to assess where my students are in relation to their learning process

- J.G., Texas educator

USATP has been a game changer for my students. It gives them super information, and has many ways to present material. I cannot do without it!

- M. Billings, Texas Virtual Academy at -Hallsville

Our students made the highest on the EOC in our district with 95%. We used USATestprep every day!

- S. Theiss, Texas

USATP is a great tool to help assess where students are. Every week, I test students over the curriculum they have learned throughout the week. I am then able to tailor instruction based on their gaps in understanding. Once I see those gaps in learning, it is easy to assign lessons to help students in that specific area of the content. It is easy to use, aligning directly with the state standards.

- Shari Bellizzi-Davis

USATestprep provides me with an opportunity to show students HOW the state test looks, a CHANCE to practice that style of testing, and LOTS of opportunities for remediation. My benefits, I've never scored below 97% passing on the State Test while I've been using USATestprep. USATestprep really works! I haven't found a better system or a better support network of people to help you get your goals.”

- C.G., Scurry-Rosser

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Shari Bellizzi-Davis

Wellington Junior High.
Teaches Texas History and American

Michelle Billings

Texas Virtual Academy Hallsville.
Teaches math, social studies, PE, and science.

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